Layla & Ricky's Civil Ceremony.

Layla & Ricky,

I absolutely adore courthouse weddings; they’re intimate, the couple is 100 times less stressed and we can take our time capturing the wedding portraits (my fave part)! Ricky waited patiently at the Rockville courthouse with their son Orlando as Layla prepared to have her first look in the hallway. Escorted by her father, Layla rounded the corner to see Ricky and Orlando holding a bouquet of roses—to say there were lots of tears would be an understatement! Ricky took his bride into the courthouse chapel and they exchanged their vows in front of their friends and family. After the celebrations, the three of us took their wedding portraits around Rockville Town Center and Layla told me they are expecting their second child! At the end of our session, it started to rain, so I pulled out one of my clear umbrellas and we took a few rainy photos. Legend says it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day, so Layla & Ricky must have the best luck! So incredibly happy for these two!

Venues: Rockville Circuit Court, Rockville Town Center, La Tasca

Kathleen WardComment