Autumn's Milkbath & Rooftop Boudoir.


Adventurous, chic and always smiling, Autumn is beautiful inside & out. It has been awhile since her first boudoir session, which she gifted to her now husband for Christmas, so we thought we’d get together and create some romantic magic! After seeing the milk bath boudoirs I’ve been posting, Autumn knew she had to jump into the floral tub. Before sinking into the milky water, Autumn and I explored the rooftop of my favorite AirBnB. On the rooftop we could see the gorgeous Baltimore skyline. Secluded with a view, it was the perfect spot to capture some sensual shots for her hubby. I’m always so humbled when my clients trust me to not only capture their beauty, but enjoy the experiences I provide.

AirBnB: Kathleen’s Baltimore Home

Kathleen WardComment