Thomas & Jena's 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Portraits.

Thomas & Jena,

It’s amazing to see what can happen in 5 years.

Five years ago Jena asked me to capture her wedding day, the only problem was, I had never photographed a wedding before! Jena and Thomas took a chance on me and believed in me as a photographer. Once i was behind the camera, capturing their wedding day, a new spark of passion lit within me and I have pursued that passion ever since. In the last five years Jena has become a celebrated school teacher and Thomas graduated with his degree from University of Baltimore. To celebrate their five years anniversary and Thomas’s recent graduation the spring, we ventured around Baltimore, exploring the Mount Vernon area and the University of Baltimore. It was a wonder reconnecting with my very first couple and seeing how God has moved in our lives. Please take a moment to congratulate my very first couple on their wedding anniversary!

Venues: The Walter’s Art Museum, Law Building at the University of Baltimore